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    Small problrm on new build

    I just finished my new Ryzen Build and I have one small's the story. I constructed the new PC in my shop with a spare case, new 1TB HDD and CD/DVD drive. (ASUS TUF X570 Plus and Ryzen 2700X). I used the Media Creation Tool and copied the latest version of Windows Pro to a USB...
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    Cloning Boot Drive to Larger HDD

    I have the following setup... Drive 1 - 500GB HDD Primary Win7 Pro SP1 64-bit Drive 2 - 1TB HDD Secondary Win7 Pro SP1 64-bit Drive 3 - 500 GB SSD Win10 Pro version 1803 Drive 4 - 500 GB HDD Win10 original release (2015) Drive 5 - 256GB SSD data drive - for data transfers only Drive 6 - 1TB...
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    Booting Problems from new cloned Windows 10 SSD

    Hello. I currently dual boot Win7/Win10 on two separate drives. I actually have 3 drives with a backup clone of my Windows 7. I used to triple-boot with an XP drive as well. I removed the XP entry from the BCD entries and disconnected the XP Drive and connected the new Samsung 850 EVO 500GB to...
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    Strange Boot Display

    Hello. I just noticed that the boot display does not match the entries in EasyBCD. the first entry is duplicated. Any idea why? Thanks.
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    Product Key Tool Info

    Hello. I just discovered NeoSmart's Product Key Tool. I downloaded it and ran it and it said that my PC doesn't have one. It is a valid purchased copy of Windows 7 Pro OEM. What gives?
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    Windows 10 doesn't like EasyBCD 2.2

    I upgraded my Win7 Pro today and when I re-booted I noticed that my Boot Menu had changed (was expected). My Windows 7 choice (a clone of my real Windows 7) had changed to Win10... and it had been changed to the default...OK. So I booted into my real Windows 7 and launched EasyBCD (because...
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    Windows7 repair Install and bootloader

    I cuurently have EasyBCD installed. I have Windows7 installed on one hard drive and WinXP on another (WinXP was installed first). I am having some Win7 USB driver issues that can only be solved by a Repair Install. (I have tried all other options). My loader files are on the WinXP disk. I know...
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    Booting Problem

    I have this strange problem with EasyBCD. Here is a short history. I have 3 physical hard drives. Disk #1 has WinXP Pro. Disk #2 has Win7 Pro 64-bit. Disk #3 has WinXP Pro (fresh install) I use this disk as a control/test. July 2012 - new PC build with one hard drive and WinXP Pro. December...