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    Dual Booting Windows 7

    I am assuming this is the dual boot for windows 7 thread? I have windows 7 installed and just bought a second drive. But i have not installed it. I am wondering if i should format it or not to ntfs? But since i want to try out Fedora 12 i am thinking i should leave it alone. I was told in the...
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    dual boot with fedora 11 problem

    Re-dual boot Terry, Thank you for the very informative sticky link! That was very interesting. I now have a better idea of what is happening and why. Wish i would have found that earlier. I stumbled on this forum awhile back and am glad i did. Just wanted to thank you for replying and providing...
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    dual boot with fedora 11 problem

    Did you get dual boot vista and fedora 11 working? Hello, my name is Andrew, I am have 32 bit windows vista and am upgrading to windows 7 later. I want to get another drive and load fedora 11 on it and create a dual boot system. I am watching this thread to discover maybe how to do it. Did you...