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    upgrading mobo,cpu,ram killed my multi-bootability

    I have had a succesful tri-boot system for the last 6 months thanks to EasyBCD. My main OS is Win7 on an SSD. On a multi partitioned HD I also have a Win7 backup and XP Pro. 10 days ago I upgraded my mobo, CPU and RAM because the old stuff was aging and odd things were occasionally happening...
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    trying to migrate W7 from dual boot drive to ssd; ssd won't boot

    I have a dual boot system with XP Pro and Win7 Pro, both on one drive. XP was the original OS, so system files are on its partition which is active. I am trying to migrate Win7 to an SSD. I've copied the partition succesfully and made the SSD active and primary. But the boot folder is still on...
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    xp-32, win7-32, win7-64 triple boot

    hello. I've been using a dual boot system for two years with xp-pro and win 7-pro 32bit os. I mostly work in XP because of old software that will only run well in that os. But I'm getting to the point where it's time to replace mobo/cpu/ram and am trying to migrate to win7 predominantly. The new...
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    cloned drive, lost dual-bootability

    I have a WD640GB black drive w/4 partitions. XP Pro on C, Win7 Pro on G and two are data(E,F). I bought another identical drive and copied the old to the new w/ Data Lifeguard. XP Pro is my default OS. The copy looks right but boots directly into XP Pro. No more choice. I ran EasyBCD and it...
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    W7/XP but XP freezes during boot

    For about a month I've been testing Windows 7 on a drive that has my 5 year old XP os that is solid as a rock (sometimes). I used EasyBCD and had no problems dual booting. W7 has given me many headaches but just when I had solved almost all of them it got very unstable and wouldn't shut down...