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    I have to admit that just the ability to boot off a USB stick is pretty cool. The only reason that I was trying to boot off a USB DVD was in order to perform a recovery using a Vista install DVD. In the end, I did not even need that... EasyBCD allowed me to recover everything all by itself...
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    I am using 82 (Win XP SP3) and there is no hang when opening tab "external Devices" A couple of comments though.. 1) Build 82 claims to be 2) The BIOS Extender option on the "External Devices" tab says: EasyBCD's BIOS extender can be used to boot from network, CD, or USB on...
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    The Introduction Thread

    I've been using EasyBCD for just a couple of days. I am currently undertaking a contract to perform some internationalization testing and have set up a triple-boot PC with: English XP on C: Windows Vista /Windows 7 (multiple languages) non-English XP (Polish, Finnish, etc) Naturally, what...