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    Start Win 8 on external disk

    Dear All, Situation: - A55VD with preinstalled Win8 on 750 GB HDD, OS-partition shrink to 150 GB, Data-partition expanded to 600GB, booted several time + updates etc. - HDD replaced with SSD 128GB and installed Kubuntu 13.04 in UEFI-mode on SSD - disabled 30_OS-prober - inserted Win8-boot-entry...
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    Cannot start another Linux

    Dear Mates and supporter, Situation: - RAID 0+1 (MBR) with: boot-partition S:, C: with Vista & EadyBCD, D: with Win 7 - 750 GB HDD (MBR) with with 5 Linux & extra "dedicated GRUB2 partition" Behavior of boot-process 1) Pointing on "dedicated GRUB2 partition" don't show the GRUB2 boot-menu but...
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    Change drive-letter of Windows Systempartition

    Dear Mates, I pre-format my RAID-10 with: 1GB ntfs, label=System, flag=boot, letter=S 232 GB ntfs, label=Vista64U, letter=W The remain 232 GB will formatted and contain (later) Win 7 U 64 After Vista is installed, the 1 GB System-partition show the drive-letter D: and not S: anymore...
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    Easy-BCD break Vista 64 Bit BCD

    When I tray to store settings with Easy-BCD Vista tell me that a "severe error is occurred, Windows will start in one minute, save your work and files" By rebbot Vista don't find boot-information and I have to restore BCD with RE. After the second Boot-attemp Vista has disabled: Skype...
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    Let Easy-BCD recognize Grub-2 like Grub-legacy

    My machine have Vista and on a separate HDD 4-5 Linux-OS's with Grub-2. At moment, if I want to boot a different Linux as the first, I'm forced to create a separate Grub-partition. Threfore I'm forced to make much more changes than only Linux let install the bootloader in the own root...
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    Vista + Linux Multiboot

    Hello Mates I had "vista" on a "RAID 10" and "Linux-Multiboot" on extra "HDD" in order to maintain the "windows" and "linux's" OS's separately. Well, the separate Linux-HDD have a small primary (FAT 32) Grub-Partition (Vers. 1.99) from which I boot the four-five Linux's. On all Linux's OS's is...
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    Hi @ All, I'm looking for a very good Multiboot-Loader maybe better than "GAG" "Acronis OS Selector" etc. We all know the difficultis that encounter by using Grub as Bootloader (no SP-Installing in Windows) manual change of the entries, not recognising Windows-Fake-Raid, eavy setup of...
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    How to start 8 different Linux havinh Grub-2 with EASY-BCD?

    Hello Mates, my machine have place for 8 diffenrent Linux on a extra HDD. Have you amethod to start the different OS through EAsy-BCD? Thanks in advance and best regards. Arny
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    Special Multiboot

    Dear People in the Forum, I try to read some posts in order to find a solution without to generate a new thread but... here I'm . To my topic: On my machine is a RAID-5 with Vista and on a additional 1TB HDD one half (500GB) contain the Vista-Backups and on the other half would install 7...