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    W7 Hangs at shutdown afte rsetting up dual boot with Ubuntu

    I just finished setting up a dual boot with Ubuntu 11.04 with Easy BCD. Everything is working smoothly except now W7 hangs at shutdown. I have W7 Home premium on a Toshiba Satellite L655 laptop. Any ideas as to what I can do? Thanks in advance
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    Dual booting W7 and pre-installed xp drive from another computer

    My friend has a computer with windows xp installed. He just bought an almost identical computer but a slightly later model. I just got through installing Windows 7 on the newer one. The question I have is would we be able to take the hard drive out of his other system and put it into his new...
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    cant boot xp into safe mode on dual boot at all

    Hello this is my first post...first of all thank you for your hard work after much trail and error I finally have my system booting both windows 7 and xp...I installed windows 7 first then xp on a separate partition...went through the steps with Easy BCD and am dual booting no...