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    GRUB4Dos regressions in EasyBCD 2.3

    I had been booting Win 10, Win 7, Win XP and Ubuntu using EasyBCD 2.3 . I eliminated Win 7 and deleted it's partition merging it with Win 10 on the same physical drive. All of a sudden now when I attempt to boot into Ubuntu, located on another physical drive, all I get is a screen with...
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    Remove Windows 7 From Multiboot System

    I currently multi boot Win 10, Win 7, Win XP and Ubuntu. I am ready to eliminate Win 7. Win 10 resides on C:\ Win 7 on E:\ Win XP on D:\ Ubuntu on F:\ Drives C: and E: are partitions of one physical drive. Drives D: and F: are each a physical drive. EasyBCD running in Win 10 shows that 7...