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    bootmgr missing

    Can you check your bios setting to see if your cd drive is still set to boot? It sounds like the virus messed up your bios settings.
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    Delete/Remove .ocx ActiveX Control file (Flash.ocx)

    I take it you have one hard drive with two partitions. One for win 7 and one for XP. You could try to format the xp partition and extend it so you would have just one partition for Win 7.
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    changing MBR to correct Drive

    Is windows 7 on your c: if not you will get a disk error. you may have to run your repair disk 2 or 3 times. I had the same problem as you and what I did was to take my XP drive out of the computer and ran the repair disk and it worked. This should put your win 7 on C: Then i used the repair...
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    Multi-boot - Hiding partitions?

    I use PartionWizard which i think it will do what you want. Go to and you can download V5. This is a free app. Good luck
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    changing MBR to correct Drive

    Did you change your boot order in your bios to boot from the disk your windows 7 is on? If you are booting from the correct drive then disconnect your Vista drive from your computer and run win 7 startup repair. that should put the MBR on your win 7 drive then you can reformat your Vista drive...