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    Booting PC-BSD entry->PXE resulted in serious trouble...

    Ok, I mentioned in another thread that I had PC-BSD installed on an external USB hard drive, and was wanting to boot it with the W7 boot manager, by adding an entry for it in EasyBCD, but Windows wasn't reading the disk correctly. Well, long story short, I got Windows to read the disk correctly...
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    Problem multibooting on RAID system

    Ok, this is my first post here in a while. I hope you guys still remember me. :) I just recently purchased a new laptop computer system, an Alienware M17x R3, which has a RAID 0 volume setup for 2 hardrives of 500 GBs each. I'm attempting to multiboot Win 7 Ultimate (which came preinstalled on...
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    EasyBCD 2.0 Build 100

    I just reinstalled XP on my computer, and installed EasyBCD 2.0 Build 100 in XP. I had an external HDD with a corrupted MBR, and was expecting to use the MbrFix found in EasyBCD's bin folder in previous builds to fix it, but I see now that its not included with this build... Why is that? Also...
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    Fighting Spam

    @CG: Hey, do you know how a lot of forums make a registered member have to activate from a link in an automatic email sent out to the new member's email account after they first sign-up? Why don't you do the same thing here? I bet it cuts down on a lot of the spam by spam bots around here...
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    Tutorial: How-to dual-boot Linux with XP

    So you have a computer running Linux, then you add XP, and you're no longer able to boot Linux? Or perhaps, you installed XP first, then Linux, but for some reason or another, Grub is no longer in the MBR, and it boots straight into XP. Well, there is a solution other than putting Grub (back?)...
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    New EasyBCD option?

    @CG: How about an option in EasyBCD to add Linux to the boot menu when a user only has XP and Linux, and XP is controlling the boot? You could have it run bootpart for that... bootpart.exe bootpartPartitionNumberForLinuxPartition C:\linux.lnx Linux
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    XP Boot Files - EasyBCD

    Is there any way you can make it so that when you run the auto-configure feature, EasyBCD detects if the files boot.ini, NTLDR, and NTDETECT.COM already exist in the "system" partition, and if they do, move them to a safe place (and perhaps tell the user where it moved them to)? That way, in the...
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    Create universal flash boot disk with fbinst

    Just found something interesting on the Web: Create universal flash boot disk with fbinst This tool can create, as I understand it, a universal flash boot disk which solves BIOS compatibility issues. It also apparently includes an integrated ntldr and file. Maybe this feature...
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    How-to: Recover files from Wubi install with LiveCD

    For those of you with Wubi problems, here's how to mount your root.disk, and recover your files using a LiveCD: Boot your computer, enter your BIOS by pressing the key it tells you to press at the first splash screen you come to at startup, put the CD/DVD drive first in the boot sequence...
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    Happy Birthday, CG!

    Happy Birthday, CG! I guess you get 4 cakes this time...:brows:
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    Problem with the VHD feature [not solved]

    Well, I just used Build 65 of EasyBCD to remove the two "Microsoft Windows" entries showing in EasyBCD (but not in the boot menu), which were created when I attempted to created a VHD entry for my virtual disk install of Win 7, and then I tried it again, once again pointing the entry at the...
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    Problem with the VHD feature

    Well, this looks another bug, CG. I attempted to add a VHD entry to my Vista BCD with build 64 of EasyBCD 2.0 (pointing it at the Win7.vhd file Win 7 is on), naming it "Windows 7", and what happened is two entries were created, each named "Microsoft Windows". These two entries showed up in the...
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    Coding problem

    CG or anyone else know what's the problem with this code? Its a widget for my site, which I put on the sidebar, that is supposed to display the latest forum posts (which are on a completely different server, and domain). Obviously it must be missing something because it does not update by itself...
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    Fairly new website

    Most of you probably already know this, but for those of you who don't, I have created a new (free) website lately, with as host. For anyone who wants to view it, you can find it here: Expert Technology Storehouse - Home Feel free to join, and add content at will. It'll have lots of...
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    Boot Info Script - Troubleshoot boot problems

    With all the boot problems we get here, I thought this may prove to be useful. Boot Info Script An example of a RESULTS.txt file (the boot info results returned after running the script) from [all variants] Resized Partitions with GParted - Cannot Boot Vista - Ubuntu Forums...
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    Export BCD onto other hard drive's active partition and configure it correctly?

    Ok, I'm not sure if this is already an implemented feature in EasyBCD or not, and if it is, I apologize...but if it is not, can you please add it? :) I also apologize if it might sound a little like Panarchy's "Install BCD to Logical partition" request, but I hope you at least hear me out. ;) If...
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    Will EasyBCD 2.0 Final support BartPE?

    Same question as above. ^_^ :) Will EasyBCD 2.0 final support BartPE, i.e. support booting it from the Vista bootloader? I noticed WinPE already is, but there is no mention of BartPE under the WinPE tab, and I have also seen a reference to BartPE not working with EasyBCD in the beta thread...
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    Happy birthday, {Ron!n}!

    Well, since I noticed it first, I figured I had to be the one that says it..;) Happy birthday, {Ron!n} :D Enjoy your 18th year on this little planet we like to think of as...Earth! :brows:
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    Bootsect screwed up my USB flash drive

    Alright, I was messing around today with BartPe, trying to install it on a USB flash drive (which failed, btw, due to the missing "bootsect.bin" file, which I have now managed to create and put in the correct location). After attempting several times to install BartPE, solving one problem a...
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    A few questions about EasyBCD's bootloader options, and Startup Repair

    Ok, I would like to know what all the options in the "Manage Bootloader" section of EasyBCD do, as well as Startup Repair on the Vista DVD, so when we help users on the forums, I'll be more qualified to help with booting problems. For instance, in another thread CG mentioned that the "Uninstall...