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    Help please

    I cannot download the cd tried per instructions didn't work used the vista disk I have How do I find out which one works just want to get this done Ben working on this laptop (compaq) for 3 days ready to throw away I have old windows, 000, 001, 002 How do I find out which one works and where...
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    Booting problems

    Help please I am doing step 2 When I put in boot sect.exe /nt60 all /force I get this message bootsect.exe is not recognized an an internal or external command, operable program or batch file What am I doing wrong. I am using vista. Can't get disk to work
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    Help please

    I was doins the holocaust and I have got to whet I one the rebuild and I get successfully scanned windows installations. Total identified win installations 3 Add installation to boot list options y n a What o I do should I have 3 installations? if not how go I delete the others