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    Sr. Citizen Question Please: Having To Use F8 To Bypass Signed Driver Checking ?

    Hello, Not really sharp with PC "stuff," and would be most appreciative for some help. Sr. Citizen now, so assume that you are dealing with a complete idiot. Have continual problems with my PC (W7) claiming that Drivers for a particular program are unsigned. They are, but since the install of...
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    Sr. Citizen Questions Prior To Using EasyBCD, Please ?

    Just a Clarification, Please Hello, Thank youvery much for help. Would just like to be very sure that I am using program correctly: a. If I select the option in Advanced to bypass the signed signature requirement, does the program, if it can, just prohibit the message from appearing, or does...
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    Sr. Citizen Questions Prior To Using EasyBCD, Please ?

    Hello, Not too sharp with this, so please bear with me. I have installed a new HD, and ever since have been getting error msgs for some programs that a Signed Driver is required, and program will not run at all, or incorrectly. Used the three System Restore Disks I created when I got the PC...