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  1. Jake

    Lost Dual Boot

    I’ve been using EasyBCD since the early days of Win 7, primarily to dual boot with Win XP. Today I’m using it to dual boot Win 7 64 with W2K8 R2. The product works great … just read and follow the guides and other documentation. I recently had to delete the W2K8 R2 volume because I...
  2. Jake

    Error Opening BCD Registry

    See the attached JPG. What is this error and how do I correct it, please? Thanks Jake
  3. Jake

    Add XP to a W2K8 & XP Dual Boot

    EasyBCD 1.7.2 500 GB HDD with five partitions. Partition 1 Win XP Pro SP 3 PRI, System Partition 2 Allocated but empty PRI Partition 3 Server 2008 Partition 4 Archive Data Partition 5 Active Data EasyBCD is currently working fine with Partition 1 and 3. XP was installed first, W2K8...