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    Does anybody understand how VHD boot works?

    Win7 Ultimate/Enterprise & Win Server 2008 R2 can boot from vhd Does anybody understand the process(es) involved? Why Win7 Home/Pro can not boot from vhd? What stops it? Why Vista/Server 2008 can not boot from vhd at all? vboot from vmlite is coming soon to allow it to happen, but I would...
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    Is Win7 bootloader all that is needed for Native VHD boot?

    What's New in Virtual Hard Disks in Windows 7 That does not answer if it is the bootloader only that is needed sebus Addendum: To answer myself (sorry!) - yes AVIRAJ AJGEKAR'S BLOG... : Windows 7: Boot from VHD First Impression: Part 3 (Booting VHD from Vista SP1 or later) sebus
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    How is booting of ISO done?

    I can see \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr Butt where is the actual config as to what iso file is being booted? Thanks sebus