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    Easy Dual Boot Trouble

    Something is wrong When I select Xp, the computer restart itself... In Xp I can't install easyBcd This part I think is the problem... Bootloader Path: \ntldr Well I need a dualboot.. so I hope in you... thanks... Entry #1 Name: Microsoft Windows Vista BCD ID: {current} Drive...
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    TrialBoot with EasyBcd (2 Xp & 1 Vista)

    Hi people, I have a problem with this triple (not trial) boot (2Xp & 1 Vista) After a BIG BIG Problem with boot.ini... Know I'm returned with my first problem When I start pc, I have 3 otpions: Xp1 - Xp2 - Vista Vista is Ok, Xp1 is Ok, Xp2 No When I choose Xp2... I come always...