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    Another Failure

    So I just can't do it, I can't get my longed-for 7/XP/triboot working. Previous attempts: 5 Primary partitions? - The NeoSmart Forums This time I partitioned everything in Windows and then installed. It still takes me to the GRUB console. I tried partitioning in Linux, partitioning in...
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    5 Primary partitions?

    So Disk Management only allows me to create 3 primary partitions and and extended. I had three primary, and I left a lot of space unallocated. I then installed Ubuntu. Now the swap partition I created for Ubuntu is a primary, giving 4 primary partitions. On top of that, the partition for...
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    Trying to set up Ubuntu 9.10 boot from EBCD

    I currently have a dual boot going (7/XP) and just installed Ubuntu without overwriting the MBR. I then added a new entry, checked the box saying GRUB isn't installed to MBR, choose GRUB2, and added the entry. However, whenever I load it from startup, it just sends me to a GRUB console. I am...
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    Halp! Trying to Triboot 7, XP, Ubuntu

    So I got to a point where I finally got where I got both Win 7 and XP installed following this guide: (Why is the WinXP bootloader in the S drive)? Where Win 7 is installed first. A couple things, XP is...