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    Looking to multi-boot Arch correctly

    Following months of trial-and-error in just about every area imaginable, I now have four Windows systems and three Linux systems booting on my machine ... and I am doing that with four inter-linked boot menus: 1) Win7's BCD offering Win7 and links to all other menus; 2) XP's "boot.ini"...
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    Multi-Boot Alphabet Soup \#*%@&/ Please Help!

    System: I have Win98, Win2k and WinXP booting from my first drive, a PATA; My second drive is also a PATA being used only for backup and storage; I have Win7 and Linux Debian 5 installed on my third drive, a SATA. All was well here until Debian 5, my last installation, somehow must have...
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    I think I just need a simple correction in Win7's BCD

    Greetings to all! I just added Ubuntu 10.04 in my multi-boot-Windows system, and I used EasyBCD (1.7.2) to add it into my Win7's boot menu ... but selecting Ubuntu in that menu just quickly drops me off at a GRUB prompt with "Error 8: Kernel must be loaded before booting" being displayed...