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    Interesting Dilemna: Dual booting with vhd

    With the new version of Windows 7 the updated version of the MS Virtual PC is also the option for the new XP Mode as most are aware of. Upon performing custom installations of Windows on VHDs or Virtual Hard Drives which can also be attached and mounted just as if they were regular internal...
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    Interesting Multi-Boot Dilemma

    First seeing ubuntu added into the VIsta/XP dual boot easy enough setting the root as the mount point the next step was first trying OpenSolaris 2008.11 and then Fedora 10. Both were installed to the first partition on the ide hard drive where the installer for both placed it's own boot loader...
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    Triple Boot Hassles With Grub???

    Here's another fun moment apparently. When first going to install ubuntu 7.10 guess what went on the Vista primary? The Grub loader of course! (bangs head on wall!) A quick bootup into XP and quick run of the EasyBCD 1.7.1 then saw Vista restored while forget booting up with the installation...
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    Does IE7 Expire? IE7 Won't Install on XP after installing IE8!

    One could ask if the latest release of IE 8 beta tried on XP would cause a problem reverting to IE 7. The one problem that however was a full reinstall of XP to see IE 6 running while the add/remove programs list will show IE 7 installed? That was seen after first trying the beta for IE 8 on...
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    Vista/XP Dual-Booting Solutions - HnS & More

    Being a newbie here I had to ask a question on the Vista HnS. I gave that a try here to see if it would hide the XP installation on a saparate drive being in a stand alone installation for each version. Presently Vista is on an ide drive until a 3rd sata drive(larger capacity for storage) goes...