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  1. thijs12

    I have dual boot system Vista/XP - I want to delete everything..

    So i have a dual boot system with Vista and XP. I want to delete EVERYTHING, so that i can install Windows 7. That i only have Windows 7, how do i do this? im not that great with dual boot systems, so could someone please give me a step to step tutorial on how to do this!? Thanks so much!:D
  2. thijs12

    I have a dual boot systeam Vista/XP, i want to delete XP+vista then instal windows 7.

    So i have a dual boot system with xp and vista, i want to delete xp, and then install windows 7 over vista, so that i only have windows 7 installed, so that the dual boot is completly gone, is this possible? Thanks:D