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  1. JustinW

    Windows and software install

    When I built such a CD/USB years ago I used grub4dos and a config file to create a menu to boot the tools. If you want a bootable ISO so you could also burn a CD/DVD use a tool such as mkisofs.
  2. JustinW

    Windows 10 Reboot Problem

    EasyRE repair for Windows 10: Windows 10 Recovery CD Free Download
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    ... and its your first post too? What was he replying to? In any case I'm glad we were able to help.
  4. JustinW

    please help

    Try opening Access and using the file menu to open your file. If that is not working you'll need to repair/reinstall Office. If it does work, some other program installed or updated recently may have changed the settings that tell Windows which application the particular type of file you are...
  5. JustinW

    freezing on Apple logo help !

    How to Troubleshoot the Four Most Common "Oh Sh*t" Mac Problems
  6. JustinW

    Backup PC over Internet

    Crashplan allows you to backup to a friend's machine over the internet for free and if you pay so much a month you can also have it back things up online.
  7. JustinW

    Help please

    If you've only got one install, it shouldn't hurt. You can add all 3, find the one that works, and delete the other 2 in EasyBCD once you're in Windows.
  8. JustinW

    BCD Deployment

    No, it is only to be used if you have a different boot loader in charge (ntldr say if you recently installed XP) and you are trying to get your system to boot with BCD and bootmgr again so you can dual boot.
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    Ubuntu 12.10 Available since seconds ago! :)

    Ubuntu for Android | Ubuntu
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    Ubuntu 12.10 Available since seconds ago! :)

    I didn't like Unity either, but after using OS X for almost a year if I was using Ubuntu I don't think I'd mind. The dock in OS X looks similar. I definitely don't see the point in Launchpad, just use Spotlight. And Windows 8, yeah I wouldn't consider it a machine for serious GTD.
  11. JustinW

    Firefox, or Google Chrome?

    Alex, I think Terry was replying to my post. I can understand your point of view. Like Alex has stated though, it doesn't matter who you go with because its their system and they can do what they please with your data if you choose to provide it to them. For me, its about simplicity and...
  12. JustinW

    Firefox, or Google Chrome?

    Look at my avatar and you probably know what browser I use. Google stores everything about me, so why not use a browser that taps into all of that? Firefox is great, but I don't see Mozilla offering email, a calendar, a contact book... well you get the idea. It also syncs seamlessly with Chrome...
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    [video] Motherboard manufacturing

    I have now. Thanks for sharing :D
  14. JustinW

    Cant boot Ubuntu 12.04 live cd "NO LIVE FILE SYSTEM FOUND"

    Ubuntu live CDs can't be booted using ISO emulation. You'll need to extract the contents and use a Linux entry instead or boot the ISO in a VMM like VirtualBox or VMWare.
  15. JustinW

    Inquiry regarding imaging applications, such as, Acronis & Shadow Protect

    I've used Acronis. Its a solid product. The disc you get is bootable or you can create a bootable disc if you download it. Its also got a version you install in Windows to do backups in the background. You can password protect the backup images, compress, do incremental and differential, add...
  16. JustinW

    Vista login problem after automated repair

    Boot with the recovery disc and go to the command prompt/terminal. Navigate to your Windows partition's Users folder with cd and use ls or dir to see the usernames of the accounts on your system.
  17. JustinW

    Password problem

    You'll need to use password reset software. If there was any other way around it no one would use Windows.
  18. JustinW

    driver updates

    Best places are Windows Update and your original equipment manufacturer's website. You can use other websites or tools to get the latest drivers but you might be getting something extra in the download that you don't want running on your machine. For Windows Update you want to go into the...
  19. JustinW

    The Introduction Thread

    Hi GuyinRI, welcome to the forums. Click the forum link at the top of the page, select the forum you would like to post in (ie. EasyBCD Support) and top-left there will be a button to create a new thread.
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    Need Help Downloading Vista Recovery Disk

    Please send an email with your order number to