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  1. JustinW

    Making a 32-bit/64-bit Win7 Recovery Disc?

    Trying to make a working ISO containing both the 32-bit and 64-bit W7 recovery discs, part of a bigger project I'm working on. Extracted the contents of both discs into a single folder and renamed boot.wim to boot32.wim before copying over the 64 bit version into the sources folder renaming it...
  2. JustinW

    Happy Birthday, Jake!

  3. JustinW

    [TUTORIAL] Creating NeoSmart recovery discs on the go

    Our recovery discs provide an excellent way to recover a non-booting system if you don’t happen to have Windows boot media, but what if you’re one of those unfortunate cases that don’t have access to another private computer to obtain and use to burn the recovery discs you may need? In this...
  4. JustinW

    EasyBCD .iso Support

    With .iso entry boot support does this actually add a working entry for an .iso file to the Windows bootloader or does it use grub2 loopback/grub legacy map to accomplish it?
  5. JustinW

    Forum Albums, Groups, VMs

    We do away with those features? VMs I can understand, but I was kinda using an album to start managing photo attachments here since I can't delete older stuff from CP if its attached in posts like mods can.
  6. JustinW

    EasyBCD mentioned on Tekzilla

    In episode 96 of Revision3's Tekzilla, Robert and Patrick cover multi-booting with Windows 7/linux and make a reference to EasyBCD + NeoGrub for easy configuration. Way to go NeoSmart! :)
  7. JustinW

    Happy Birthday, Alex!

    Happy Birthday Alex!!!!!!!!
  8. JustinW

    Windows 7 pre-order

    Microsoft has put up Windows 7 as a pre-order on thier store. There well be 3 versions of Windows 7: Home Premium ($50 for upgrade) Professional ($100 for upgrade) Ultimate ($220 for upgrade) It well become available October 22nd of this year. I'm actually a bit ashamed of MS for the...
  9. JustinW

    Windows 7 RC1 is Out!

    Alright a lot of us here probably know this already, but every beta tester should've got an e-mail around May 3 announcing the release of RC1: I never check my mailbox hardly, so here's your mail message for those that never check it either.
  10. JustinW

    No more auto-run RC2 for Windows 7 well no longer give you the usual auto-run prompt like you'd expect when you plug in a removeable device. Apparently, XP and Vista well eventualy get the upgrade as well. What does this mean? For...
  11. JustinW

    Block Annoying Ads

    Came across a wonderful ad block hosts file (page on it here). Copy + paste into your windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file, save, and you're done. I havent seen any annoying ads yet since Ive applied it. They also appear to have been keeping it updated :)
  12. JustinW

    How-To - Creating New Thread/Topic

    How do you post a new topic? Well you've come to the right place! On the main page where individual categories are displayed (EasyBCD Support, The Water Cooler, etc) click the appropriate category you wish to post in. This should display a list of the categories' existing topics. Above the first...
  13. JustinW


    Anyone else having problems with McAfee? I got an e-mail today saying that one of my subscriptions had been auto-renewed. Problem is, that paticular account hasnt been used for ages and I've never set it up to auto-renew. It doesn't contain any current payment information either to my...
  14. JustinW

    Upping Sound Volume in Recordings

    I got a sound clip with some soft hard to hear spots in it and I'd like to find a way to increase the volume on it if possible so that it can be better heard. My camcorder doesn't exactly have the best of microphones. I got Sony Vegas and Audacity for the job. Anyone know how to do this...
  15. JustinW

    Zotero Add-On for FireFox

    Are you a student going to school who constantly does research to get assignments done? Like Firefox? Well I've been using Zotero for awhile now, a free add-on for Firefox. This add-on is a smart tool for keeping bookmarks and files more organized in sort of a database type style right in your...
  16. JustinW

    GParted Fat32 Question

    Can GParted be used to extend a bootable Fat32 partition and if so can it extend using 230mb or so or unallocated space left on a drive Windows isn't letting me use to create another partition? Long story short I've restored a drive I use from a recovery image w/ Acronis and i'm left with...
  17. JustinW

    Programming in .Net

    I'm currently taking a VB class in school and had to design a program that takes a .txt file and reads it line by line to display the fields that make up an employee record on a form for the user to view. We had to previously write a program that wrote the data to the file and this program is...
  18. JustinW

    Black Screen When Starting Vista

    Get a black screen and unresponsiveness when starting up Vista? The solution in some cases might be simpler then you think. I came across the issue first hand myself today and decided I would post some insight on the problem. After loading drivers, my screen was completely blank. Thinking that...
  19. JustinW

    Office 2007 File Format Macro Issue

    Has anyone here had this same problem? Came across it myself today. Someone claims...
  20. JustinW

    Files deleted from iTunes Library are'nt sent to the Recycle Bin

    I have noticed that iTunes has a glitch where files deleted from the library and supposely moved to the recycle bin are not moved there. Apple's documentation for iTunes states that iTunes only deletes or moves files to the recycle bin that are wihtin it's iTunes folder. When I try to delete...