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    Windows 98, XP, Linux - All sharing files

    I have had a project for a while now, get windows 98 to access NTFS drives, read and write, the same with linux, But - CG pointed me in the rite direction, and i have now thought of a better way, EXT2/3 EXT2 supports large files over 4GB, can be run nativly from witin windows 98, 2000, XP...
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    Mac OS X

    Hi all,, I have an old Pentium 3 machine sitting here, so i bought a copy of mac osx, for pittance of ebay. and it won't install, it boots, scans, loads darwin x86 but won't install, it's moaning about the fact it can't find a debuger. Any idea on how to get round this??? all i want...
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    USB Failure

    HELP..... Its not often i ask for help, and when i do its normally because I've over looked something or its nackered. Now, My PC Spec for Reference: AMD Athlon 64 (3000+) 1gb DDR (2x 512 DDR 2100) AOpen AK86-L Mobo Various HDD's Various DVD/CD Drives Nvidia 6600 128 AGP x8 Now...
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    Media Player

    My idea is to create a MP3 player that can play MP3, WMA, WAV and MIDI. I want the least amount of bloat, but keep function, and make it look nice to the eye. This would be a free project that i will devolep, and any idea's/Help offered by people/Members/Friends will be accepted. But as...
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    XP Bootloader Editor

    Like the boot editor that CG has made for the vista boot loader, as i use XP, and have meny copys of XP and 2k installed on my test machine, and from week to week, i change the OS im using, so for me this is a good tool, But a XP version of your Vista boot loader editor? a very simple one...