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  1. Indigo

    Clonezilla, "Corporate" Level Drive Imaging

    Clonezilla's latest freeware is out now Thanks must go to Mak who had originally suggested this a short while ago (Post #20 refers). At that time I was desperately...
  2. Indigo

    Dual boot Win 7 on Drive 1 with Vista preinstalled on Drive 0

    Back again; Happy 2009 (and joyous Win 7 Beta testing!) to all! As the title implies i wish to dual boot Win 7 Beta on my second internal HDD (Drive 1) with Vista already preinstalled on the first internal HDD (Drive 0); both SATA. I would like the boot menu to simply allow me to choose which...
  3. Indigo

    Dual boot XP Pro on ext eSATA HDD with Vista 32 bit preinstalled on internal HDD?

    Hi folks! My first post here. Firstly, thank you Computer Guru and your team of experts for a truly fabulous site; just wish I had stumbled on it earlier! You guys simply rock! Secondly, all I am after at the moment is a confirmation that my proposed dual boot strategy is sound. I have...