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    Repair XP and restore files

    I have a question, I do not know if this is possible and I haven't really been able to find any results on the web to answer. I had a corrupted XP installation. Tried to repair disk, boot, recover registry, no go. (The pc would not boot at all.) Tried to repair existing installation, no go...
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    IE security zone changes

    ok, here's one that I have never seen before - One day after web browsing I started getting security messages from internet security about PC related pgms. For example, a warning would come up saying my internet security settings would not allow a file (etc) to open. This included things like...
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    Windows 7 driver issue

    Hi. I clean installed Win 7 Ult 64X and I have a few tweak questions - I will start with the easiest one: I don't really shut my machine down that often, but then because of updates I had to and I started noticing it was hanging on the shutdown process. It didn't matter if it was a restart or...
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    Win 7 Tuneup

    Hi guys, I just have a question, don't know if it is possible or not. Is there a "tuneup" program available that actually does tune up your pc including reg, files, etc? I have seen too many scams in this area, but the fact is that after installing and reinstalling and using pgms and getting...
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    Weird problem with pre-OS graphics

    Ok, this one has got me stumped. Anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. My girl has a Dell Dimension 2400. Someone replaced all the RAM (RAM type and size is correct for mobo, etc and I doublechecked to make sure seated, cleaned, etc) and right after that the graphics...
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    Upgrading Vista to W7 on dual boot system

    Hi guys, I have dual boot Vista/XP Pro on same drive. I am going to upgrade Vista to W7. Still want to keep XP. I've backed up all my files on XP and Vista. Now ready to upgrade and want to make sure before I go that sequence is correct: 1. copy 3 XP "boot" files to external drive, just in...
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    add XP MCE to XP Pro SP3

    OK, thought I would venture on this one and see if anyone has any info on this. I originally had a Vista Premium pc, I dual booted to XP Pro. I find I use the XP more than the Vista as I am always doing alot of photos, digital editing, blu-ray, etc. and have had more success with less problems...
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    Stuck in HnS

    Ok, don't know what happened, but here goes: had to format/reinstall XP, so I uninstalled HnS, installed XP, ran BCD, etc. Once back in Vista, ran HnS (build 56), everything seemed fine. Then today I ran some updates while I was in XP (only one of note is an NT update). Then I shut off computer...
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    boot.ini in HnS

    Hi CG, Quick question - I still have to copy the boot.ini from G to C after running HnS before I reboot as HnS copies it to G and then turns the boot.ini in C to an HnS file. Is this something that can be fixed ? Saphire 199
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    Vista HnS after Vista SP1

    Hi, back again. I recently installed Vista SP 1. After the install, I noticed that the Vista HnS timeout was gone so that I had a choice of Vista/XP. I checked the menu.lst, time out is still set to what I set it to. Do I have to re-install Vista HnS? If so, do I uninstall previous first...
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    BSOD, bad pool caller

    Ok, I have a dual boot system, Vista/XP using Easy BCD. Been using this for about a month, no new programs, normal updates. In other words, I didn't make any major changes. Things seemed to be fine, then I started getting a BSOD with error bad pool caller. This happens sometimes, not all the...
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    Dual boot Vista/XP, finishing touches

    Hi, I'm back with a couple questions. Original post is here: Things are going fine with the overall dual boot, I just was wondering about a couple things, as follows: 1. When I boot the computer, the grub commands flash on screen and then a...
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    Dual boot Vista/XP with BCD

    Hi. I currently have a Vista OS and want to dual boot with XP, majorly so that I can play all the games that I have a nightmare playing in Vista. I have been checking out several forums, etc to find out what I can before doing this. NeoSmart seems to me to have several utilities for doing this...