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    simple question

    there are two logos with the adminstrator symbol on them and i just wanted to see if i could remove that, what resulted was the user account control (user.exe) not opening
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    Norton Error Message at Startup

    hey i was just hopingm to understand what norton is excactly blocking @ startup when this message appears: invalid udp destination:Details:Intrusion: Invalid UDP Destination Port. Intruder: localhost. Risk Level: Medium. Source IP address: localhost. Destination IP address: localhost. UDP...
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    New computer seriously making me bald

    for some reason i have to keep coming back for help here but i dont know why because i just bought the thing at a good computert retail and it has so many problem. now it is freezing for some reaason and programs constantly result in an; _____ has stopped working; error message. so far this...
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    delay issues

    new computer, completely empty other than recentley added microsoft office and optimization software with registry booster, my computer was having some driver issues and had to restore it cause it kept crahing (althuogh it was pretty fast and quick in responding to actions) since then i added...
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    Noisy Startup

    brand new computer making noise when starting up and shutting down
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    Ad Aware 2007 Problem

    when in iscan i find 104 infections and the i remove but if i scan again they are all still there i have just downloaded ad aware first time scan
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    Sound not Playing on Windows Vista

    i bought a brand new acer computer with vista and i still have not heard any sound, everyhting is plugged in and working properly acording to vista sound card is realtek and unimodem? any help greatly appreciated
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    for my first post

    :rage:i dont know why it has to be so difficult to post a thread for beginers at least put something on you faq:rage: