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  1. Sinister

    Tripleboot Vista/XP/Linux problem.

    I have a laptop dualbooting Vista Home Premium SP1/XP Home SP2. I'm trying to set up a tripleboot with Puppy Linux 4.00. Vista and XP boot OK. I'm using Neogrub. Grub loads when I select Puppy from the menu but then goes to the command line and no Puppy. Puppy installed on sda3 along side an XP...
  2. Sinister

    Dualbooting Vista/XP where is boot.ini

    Hello, I have a succesful Vista Home Premium SP1/XP Home SP2 dualboot setup on my laptop. I have another laptop dualbooting Puppy Linux 4.00/XP Home SP2. The Linux laptop has both OS's on the same partition and works well. I'd like to setup the Vista/XP laptop with a triple boot adding Puppy...
  3. Sinister

    Vista/XP Dualboot, no F8 option for XP

    Hello, newbie dualbooter here. Just setup my new laptop with Vista Home Premium SP1and XP Home SP2. EasyBCD made it a cakewalk. Only problem is when I get to the boot menu there is no option for F8 advanced boot options for XP, though that option exists for Vista. Any ideas? I tried searching...