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  1. manan

    no drive selection for os x

    hey comp guru another little problem :x i have installed leopard on another drive but i dont see any option to select the drive in add entry menu, the drive selection drop down is absent only for mac but is thr for linux etc :( any help appreciated
  2. manan

    slax in a folder

    is it possible to add slax which is in a folder namely E:\slax to the boot menu? slax has the option of being directly started from a hdd - a portable os in a sense
  3. manan

    vista + XP + mac os x

    well i have xp and vista on hdd which is my primary drive and another drive on which i have mac os x of mow my vista boot manager shows me xp and vista as options while going through the options in EasyBCD i saw the option of adding a MAc OS X entry into the boot mngr ... by what i...
  4. manan

    Change vista name

    how can i change the text entry for vista on the boot screen ... we can do it for xp how to do it for vists
  5. manan

    2 boot loaders

    hey im new here now im facing this wierd problem ... currently vista on e: adn xp on c: i installed vista (dual boot after xp) messed up once so installed again now i started getting 3 options: 1. xp 2. vista 3. unknown os on c then i editted boot.ini file of xp and some how got...