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    I cannot remove an unused entry in the bootmenu

    On an old computer with two Windows XP installations I tried to verify a Setup CD for Windows XP. The Setup runs fine and I had a third entry in the bootmenu "Microsoft Windows XP Professional". After removing this test partition now in the bootmenu the entry "Microsoft Windows XP Professional"...
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    EasyBCD don´t give a drive letter for the second Win7

    Hi, on my notebook I have installed a second Windows 7 Pro and the 2 OS given the names Win7.1 and Win7.2. The boot menu, made with EasyBCD 2.2, shows Win7.1 and Win7.2. In Win7.1 I have an error. The Windows Explorer in Win7.1 shows only Win7.1 (C:). Win7.2 (G:) is not existing. When I open...
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    [FIXED] 0 entries listed in the bootloader

    I have installed EasyBCD 2.1.2 on Windows 8 CP. When I start EasyBCD I have the message: There are a total of 0 entries listed in the bootloader. EasyBCD 2.0.2 shows me correct all partitions. What can I do?
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    No access on all OS

    I have a multi boot system with Windows XPs, Vistas, Windows7 RC and Windows Recovery Console. I use EasyBCD 1.7 for bootloader orders entry. Following bugs I have: 1. After install Win7 RC the Recovery Console in the bootloaders entry does not appear. 2. After install a new Vista Home...