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    How to change names of Boot-able Linux and WinPE Flash Drives

    I need to use a LINUX Boot Flash to "Secure Erase" my SSD before I use a Windows Rescue Boot Flash to restore a system partition image to my SSD. My Boot Selection Screen in the BIOS allows me to choose which of the physical drives (with MBR) I can boot from, but it calls them both "USB DISK...
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    Safe Mode - difficulty choosing O.S.

    I knew how to hammer F8 for Safe Mode when my Laptop was single boot XP in partition 0 Today is the first time I tried for Safe mode since W7 was installed in Partition 5. After many failed attempts I discovered that IF I permit EasyBCD to launch its boot menu, and IF I over ride the default...
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    Add XP control of EasyBCD setup by W7

    At the moment I have to boot into W7 (Windows 7) to configure the Boot menu delay and default choice via EasyBCD v XP runs much sweeter and boots 4 times faster than W7, so I now wish to configure from XP in partition 1 by adding EasyBCD v 2.0.2 to be downloaded in H:\ = partition 4...
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    Do I need all the foreign Languages ?

    I want a lean mean machine, and prefer to remove what I cannot use. I accept that C:\Boot\en-US\ is something I need. What about C:\Boot\fr-FR\ and all the other language folders, are they safe to go ? Regards Alan
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    Does the Changelog need changing !

    I have never seen any changelog like the EasyBCD log as it appears on Softpedia. This shows 21 crashes and defects you have identified in, with the implication they will be fixed in the future. I am happy to assume that you are listing minor blemishes that have now been fixed with the...
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    What and how should I backup for Dual Booting.

    I have an external USB connected HDD with backup images of all the Laptop partitions. If the Laptop suffers a total HDD failure I can restore all the partition images to a new HDD. Two weeks ago that failed until I used a Boot CD to "repair" the MBR, then everything was fine. Since then my son...