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    Time to update your Ubuntu install demo guide

    Documentation Dear Terry; I am sorry for even suggesting update the documentation. I assumed all condition you just stated.....person is finishing his degree (grad level); person has a paying job, website is maintain by him and the 2/3 others, who, I see post replies. And again I apolegize...
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    Time to update your Ubuntu install demo guide

    Updating Ubunti guide Confuse?? Base on your answer, should I installed Ubuntu while Windows is running and therefore, have Easy BCD running? Because I booted from Ubuntu disk so Easy BCD could not intercept the grub install. Again, whenever possible, get someone to update that Ubuntu...
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    Time to update your Ubuntu install demo guide

    I tried to install Ubuntu 9.10 using Easy BCD 2.00 (build 88) but your guide done with Vista seems to be missing steps or 9.10 vs whatever installed has chnaged. I click on install Ubuntu and while your guide states "answer basic questions" it does go throught various install steps and it...
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    Simple question about dual booting Vista and 7

    First of all you could have just use the W7 disk to dual W7 and Vista....MS coded it so you could do both. You just needed to install W7 on the other partition. Vista needed to be install first. Now use Macrium reflect from CNET, freeware and it gives you the option to delete partition and...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Need Easy BCD beta release Hi, my first post. Just registered I am a EE, federal employee who is basically just a user. No computer knowledge, programmi ng knoweledge or anything above being a basic Windows users. I notice from another thread that if you want to dual boot W7 and Ubunru...