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    new computer. how's everyone?
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    xbox hard drives

    i have an xbox [the old kind, not the 360] which has a dead hard drive. its definitely the hard drive, i tried it in another power supply and it still kept making loud clicks. i have two other drives i can use, but the xbox doesn't recognize them so i'm assuming i need to format one to make...
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    no more of that tablet pc bullshit =P

    hey, haven't been on here in a while. my old tablet's monitor hinge broke, i sent it to gateway, and they gave me best buy credit since it wasn't cost-effective for them to fix, so i can get a new laptop with 4x as much memory, dual core, 3x as much internal drive space, and some other things...
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    the curse of exploding household appliances

    don't count on it :p last friday my water heater's tank burst, flooding out my bathroom. the next day i microwaved a burrito and it burst into flames. yesterday the water heater finally got fixed, and tonight the pipe going into the new water heater had too much pressure and came loose from...
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    error messages on logon

    they say this: ¹ÙÀÌ·¯½º °æº ¸ ȯ¿µ ¹ÙÀÌ·¯½º~~~ ! ^^ nod32 doesn't detect anything and i don't have a clue what they are. they keep generating at regular intervals so i have a line of them going down my desktop.
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    X10 Va11a Video-usb Adapter

    i have a va11a video adapter made by x10. i can't get it to work. i'm using rc2. help. =p
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    Microsoft Keyboard/mouse/fingerprint Reader

    microsoft released the drivers for them. click.
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    Quick Debian Question.

    i need to access my usb flash drive from debian. it's a u3 cruzer micro 2gb, and the filesystem is fat. it recognizes it when i plug it in, but i'm not sure how to get to the files.
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    Movie Maker And Media Center

    in beta 2, they worked fine for me. but since rc1, media center has crashed and movie maker says my video card isn't supported. i still have all my beta 2 files on a seperate drive. is there any way i can copy movie maker/media center from either that or xp?
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    Vista Editions

    home basic full: $200 usd upgrade: $100 usd the smallest/cheapest home premium full: $240 usd upgrade: $160 usd aero tablet utilities sideshow media center business full: $300 usd upgrade: $200 usd small business resources enterprise only...
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    TimeTweaker JIT Error

    TimeTweaker's command line interface is working fine. but the gui isn't. it worked fine on rc1, but i just installed it on rc2, and this happens whenever i start one of the 'profiles' from the tray icon: if i click details, i get this:
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    Printing Issues

    i'm still using rc1, and i can't print, whether i try to use a local or network printer. when i first installed this build i could, but i installed a lot of software since then, and now it won't print. i think it's office 2007 since somebody i know was having problems printing from word in xp...
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    Partition Size

    in acronis disk director (bootable), any partition that vista is installed to appears as locked, or something. this means i have to do something different to back up the partition to my external drive, which is usually slower. is there any way i can unlock the partition size (or whatever the...
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    I Think My CD Burner Just Killed My Computer.

    i was trying to burn an iso on my old computer (pentium 3 1ghz, 256mb ram, win2k) with deepburner and it just froze. so i shut it down, and when i pressed the power button the light wouldn't start. i left it unplugged for a couple minutes, then tried again and it wouldn't start. it doesn't...
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    i posted this at pronet too...whenever i post anything there now it seems to irritate certain staff members, it doesn't matter what it's about. :p go to google and search for "2.0.0" (no quotes). now go to and search for the same thing. this happens with any search query...
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    The Operating System Installation From Hell.

    i have a compaq presario 4500, which had windows me on it. then, i decided to put reactos on it instead. i started the computer, and it wouldn't boot. so i finally figured out it was my hard drive. i unplugged it and my paper clip (in place of a missing pin) was gone. instead of going...
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    Get Your Name In Firefox 2
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    when i installed vista, i put it on a 20gb partition. now that i've almost completely filled that up, i want to add another 20gb to it. i resized the xp partition, so now i have 20gb of unallocated space. acronis disk director (bootable cd) shows the partition size is locked, and disk...
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    Vmware Server Problem

    i'm using iis7, and i installed vmware server. it shows up in the iis manager, along with the normal server. i can access my normal server (port 80), and it works fine. but when i go to the vmware server ports (8222 and 8333, https) i get this error: my applicationhost.config file and...