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  1. J

    EasyBCD 1.7.1 Released

    Congrats CG :) Good job, thanks for all your work.
  2. J

    iReboot 1.0 Released

    Thanks for this :)
  3. J

    Widescreen Monitors & Stuff

    Wow, nice pictures Sarge! I have an Apple 34" monitor, we're using it as a TV too - I love it! :D
  4. J

    New Look

    It depends.. What do you think of this?
  5. J

    New Look

    Nice update! This new theme is OK, but I really liked the old one! good work, CG! (and cg is right Sarge, you do look beautiful :p)
  6. J

    EasyBCD in PC-World and PC-Magazine

    lol, thanks Sarge! I've been really busy recently, have a new job now and all, but I'll try to remember these forums as often as I can :)
  7. J

    EasyBCD in PC-World and PC-Magazine

    omg! Wow! I haven't been here in ages, I know... But congratulations CG! That's just amazing! You and EasyBCD really do deserve this honor - hopefully we'll see more wonderful applications coming out of NeoSmart Technologies in the future too!
  8. J

    In trouble with dual boot, help ???

    Hey lost sailor, don't worry, help is on it's way! in EasyBCD, go to bootloader management and select "Reinstall Vista Bootloader" then reboot. It should fix your problem :)
  9. J

    Forum Overhaul

    Yeah, i don't care so much for the new theme as much as i like all the bugs that are now gone. but both are awesome!
  10. J

    Forum Overhaul

    I like it!
  11. J

    Things Have Changed!!

    Yeah. You're the only one left. :evil:
  12. J

    Things Have Changed!!

    Hunting AI Hunters.
  13. J

    Vista And OSX 86 Dual Boot

    hi, did you manage to get os x installed with those directions? you're not being clear you know... did os x install? but you can't boot into it? or what?
  14. J

    Things Have Changed!!

  15. J

    Things Have Changed!!

    Wow, I haven't been here for a month or two and I can't even recognize the forum! So many people, so many threads, so much activity!! :D Congrats CG & NST, you guys deserve this!
  16. J

    Audigy 4 Digital Audio On Windows Vista

    I'm sure that entry was supposed to read "Audigy" instead of X-Fi... but I don't know about the rest.. maybe CG can help? He's online :D
  17. J

    Computers SUCK!

    Whaoh! Hold on there CG, just because I'm not here 24/7 doesn't mean I can't speak for myself! :p No, I'm not an AI, but I wish I was, AIs are just plain cool. sexy too :) Hope you stick around, Spook.. NST is the greatest :D
  18. J

    Computers SUCK!

    I've used AVG on Vista.. It works if that's what you're asking?? :huh:
  19. J

    CG...can't Get Your "ramblings" In My Yahoo

    I use netvibes, it's the best online rss reader:
  20. J

    Linux Needs Love TOOO!

    is it even possible to switch between KDE and Gnome on the fly?