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    "Missing Boot Mgr" message

    Fair Dues Hi sorry i missed the bit about him deleting it. Sorry. mmm I might delete mine to see what happens hehe.
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    Vista won't boot

    Try booting with just the C Drive enabled at boot, this sorts the bootmgr missing problem and may work here too. I think this is to do with a drive conflict, somthing to do with maybe running sata drives and a normal ata try it and see. This is a page I posted after spending hours fixing a...
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    Missing Bootmgr Fixed Here In Seconds Easy!

    Iposted the instructions on this page for all and everyone. It is in fact a very simple fix and not complicated at all. Experienced and novice instructions here will get ur machine booted up n less time it takes to make a brew.;)
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    "Missing Boot Mgr" message

    Easy To Fix It Solved In Seconds Here I posted this page to show people exactly how easy it is to repair the cannot find bootmgr start problem. Follow the instructions on this page and you can fix it in seconds every time, and understand why it happens. Lots people have come with all manner...