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    Confusion over HarddiskVolume

    I have been trying to understand the HarddiskVolume number. I would like to be able to look at a Disk Management window and know for sure which partitions go with volume numbers. My confusion comes from using Diskpart to list the volumes and comparing that to Disk Management in UEFI and MBR...
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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview Dual Boot with 7

    I saw the comments made in December about the Windows 8 boot loader, and wanted to share some observations from the new release. The Boot loader does not reboot when Win 8 is selected, but does when Win 7 is selected. Changing the options for Win 7 to be the default OS, causes the Win 7 boot...
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    UEFI Windows 7 Boot support coming?

    I have not seen anything in the news or forum posts concerning the UEFI boot system gaining in usage. Will there be an EasyBCD release for dual booting using this system? Along those lines, is anyone aware of which Windows 7 utilities will work with an EFI system. I have seen BCDEDIT, BCDBOOT...
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    Possible problem with EasyBCD beta and Win 7 Reserved 100 mb partition

    I have been a little concerned whether EasyBCD would work correctly on a Win 7 install which included the 100 MB System Reserve partition. I set up a dual boot scenario where the Win 7 drive was primary and the 100 mb partition was system. I added a second drive with an independent install...