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    What to change for dual-boot if Win 7 is installed AFTER Win 10?

    Assume I got a computer with a pre-installed Windows 10. I want to additional install (64bit) Win 7 on it for dual-boot. So I shrink some partitions, create a new primary partition and install Windows into it. Unfortunately no menu appears at startup asking me whether I want to boot from Win10...
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    As far as I understand EasyBCD is a GUI wrapper around bcdedit. Does EasyBCD cover ALL options/functionality of bcdedit? Where are the corresponding EasyBCD button/menu/option for the bcdedit commands: bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKSbcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON Thank you Peter
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    Questions about "unsigned drivers" settings

    In EasyBCD-->Advanced Settings->Advanced Tab there is an option "Allow installation of unsigned drivers on 64bit Windows" 1.) If I check this option will it be permanent (=beyond the next reboot) ? 2.) How can I check from cmdline (with bcdedit) if this option is currently enabled or not...
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    Error opening BCD Registry "Boot configuration data store" not found

    On some computer EasyBCD works find. On otheres there are problems. When I e.g. call EasyBCD v2.0.2 from WinXP+SP3 on a computer with the following two partitions: C: primary with WinXP D: extended/logical partition Then at first a warning popsup teling me: "Error Opening BCD Registry...
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    Is EasyBCD portable/runnable from USB stick?

    Is EasyBCD portable/runnable from USB stick? In other words: Can I install it on an USB stick an run it on various computers? Or are there required DLLs written to a Win installation or registry entries created? Peter