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  1. mechtheist

    Unable to download the "Non-commercial" version" of EasyBCD 2.2

    Thanks for the alternative download location since the main one isn't working for me either. is it because of the "Please like EasyBCD on Facebook to continue to your download.."? Is the page requiring a FB liking before allowing dl'ing? If so, that irks in the extreme. If that is the case...
  2. mechtheist

    Cannot boot to ext4 Linux partition on a separate HD from Win 7

    You really should see if this will help, an often miraculous universal get out of shit tool or better yet, get PartedMagic that has SGD2 on it and buttloads of other great tools, a definite must-have:
  3. mechtheist

    Difficulties with booting iso's. img's

    I have never gotten this great feature to work well, usually good enough, but with the latest update from you, SuperGrub2Disk, and PartedMagic, something has gone awry. Info: Windows recovery disks work fine, SGD [fron iso or img] did work, but now only partially-the 'loop-bootable' menu...