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    Connected, not Connected. What?

    Hello, Novice here. I am having a hair-raising problem. My computer is a Compaq Presario and I connect to the internet through a Netgear router with a wireless adapter. It was working fine for a few weeks all of a sudden the wireless adapter says the is connected but IE and FF says there is no...
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    PCI Bridge driver

    Hello all, Bear with me I am a novice. I had Vista when I purchased the my Compaq computer a few months ago, due to all the problems my brother installed XP professional for me. I installed all the drivers that were needed except for the PCI Bridge driver. I am not able to use my ethernet to...
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    Boot Manager Missing

    Hello, Newbie here. I have a hair-pulling problem with Vista. I recently did a hard system recovery and erased everything on my c: drive. When finished I rebooted, I have been getting Bootmanager Missing message ever since. Now, I have tried everything a novice could do. I have googled the...