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    WinXP/Win7 Dual Boot Problem

    I have set up WinXP/Win7 on separate drives to dual boot three times before and had some problems each time but was eventually able to resolve them. This time however there seems to be something different and is confounding me. I'm re-installing a fresh copy of each OS on each drive. I can do...
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    Can't See Drives/Partitions Installing Win7 to Dual Boot with WinXP

    I have a custom built PC with 3 physical hard drives (one for Win7, one for WinXP, one for Data Backup). I installed WinXP Pro 32-bit and when I boot the drive it's on is labeled C. I have two optical drives (D and E). The empty drive where I want to install Win7 is F and the Data Backup drive...
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    Adding EasyBCD to Existing Dual Boot Setup

    I already have WinXP Pro and Vista 32 installed on my system. I installed WinXP first and added Vista afterwards. I have three physical drives and partioned each to have only one partition. I installed WinXP on drive 0, Vista on drive 1, and use the third for data. I don't like that I must...