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    The Introduction Thread

    Joined this forum to find out more about EasyBSD. Have been a Macbook Pro owner for 4 years and ran OSX, Windows 7 and Linux (Mint debian ed.) on it using a custom EFI boot loader. Can no longer afford a mac so have recently purchased a Envy 17 3200 and will install either an msata card or SSD...
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    Change Boot drive fixed in BIOS - Envy 17

    Thanks, but according to the thread below, when the msata is installed, it will try and boot from it and if it can't, it will display an error saying that no OS is found and not try other drives? BIOS definitely locked down. HP Envy 17 (32XXXX) How do you bypass mSATA drive? Thanks...
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    Change Boot drive fixed in BIOS - Envy 17

    Just a quick question - it is my understanding from threads in notebookreview forum that on the new Envy 2012, when adding an msata drive, the computer automatically defaults to the msata as a boot drive. Changing the boot order in the BIOS does not change this behaviour. Could EasyBSD be able...