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    GRLDR in Dual Boot of Windows

    I bought a used laptop at a garage sale recently that has two partitions on it. Each one has XP loaded on it, so it dual boots. (Why two bootable of the same OS version, I have no idea). Anyhow, just before it presents the normal Microsoft OS selection screen, a message flashes VERY briefly...
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    Dualboot Vista/XP on separate drives - Part 2

    Or...... here we go again!!!! Actually, as reported in the original thread I got this working fine. However, I wanted to get the XP install migrated over onto a different drive. So, I thought Norton Ghost would be a good way.... I used ghost to do a drive-to-drive image copy. The dest drive is...
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    Dualboot Vista/XP on separate drives

    I have two drives, Vista on the primary, XP on the secondary. The secondary has two partitions so I basically have Drive C, D and E. On the first drive the partition is primary and active; it contains the Vista installation. On the second drive both partitions are primary; the first is...