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    Deleting Win7 steps?

    Attached is a screen shot of the partition layout. I have XP, Win7 #1, Win7 #2 followed by some logical partitions. What I want to do is to delete the Win7 #2 partition. I am currently using HnS and was wondering what the best steps are to follow for deleting this partition and adding some of...
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    Hide N Seek preferred for XP/Win7 booting?

    Wanted to check that Hide 'N Seek is still the preferred method of hiding restore points from Win7/Vista from XP so that they are not deleted by XP.
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    Test problems prior to new controller

    I have two separate questions here regarding adding a new controller: 1) Looking at installing a separate SATAII controller in a couple of boxes here which currently only have SATA1 controller on board. For a test I copied the two primary partitions from my main hard drive on one of these...
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    Screwed up Win7 x64 and XP Pro dual boot

    I had a working Win7 /XP install and installed a separate Sata controller to give me SATA2 support on the old box. I then copied the two primary partitions Win7 C: and XP Pro W: over to a spare sata hard drive connected to the new controller. I screwed something up as now I can not get the...
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    Hide 'N Seek stuck

    I had a triple boot system on Win7 XP and Vista but have removed Vista by deleting the partition. Uninstalled Hide 'n Seek and rebooted and after a bit of workl got Win7 to boot up. Went to reinstall HnS so that I could use XP safely and its been about 10 mins on step 4/5 "Upgrading bootsectors...
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    Triple boot no longer works.. only XP does

    Had a working triple boot system, XP, Vista and Windows7. Over the weekend I was working in XP and did two things. I installed an anti-keylogging security app as well as moving some free space from further down the drive and added it to the XP volume. Now neither Windows7 Ultimate RTM boot (The...
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    EasyBC Works but not with Hide N Seek

    I use to have Windows 7, XP and Ubuntu installed on separate hard drives. I got a larger hard drive and moved the Win 7 Ultimate partition followed by the XP partition on to the new hard drive. For now Ubuntu hard drive is disconnected. Using EasyBCD 2.0.079 I am able to boot between Windows7...
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    Win7 added to single drive with XP but still 2 boot menus

    Just installed Win7 on the same hard drive that has XP on it. Once Windows7 was installed and booted ok, I installed Hide N Seek and selected the volume that was XP and Win7. However when I selected the Vista item from Hide N Seek menu I am then presented with the Windows 7 boot loader menu on...
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    Triple Boot XP Vista and Win7 w HideNSeek

    CUrrently using a dual boot system of Vista SP2 and XP SP3 using Hide N Seek in Vista to control the booting. Was thinking of installing Win7 RTM on the hard drive and wanted to know if there are any gotchas to watch out for.
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    Reinstalling XP on dual boot sys w Vista

    Using Vista and XP Pro with the latter being my main O/S. Currently have EasyBCD and HideNSeek installed in Vista. The two o/s are in primary partitions. Having proiblems with the XP and would like to do a clean install. Want to restore an image of C: (XP) and want to make sure that this is not...
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    Can EasyBCD boot XP, Ubuntu and Win7 RC1

    I am using XP as main o/s. Have an aditional hard drive for data. Also have installed Win7 RC on its own separate HD. The same for Ubuntu, it is on its own hard drive. Currently using the computers Boot Selection option at POST to select whch os to boot. After having a frustrating day with a...
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    Installing new boot hard drive

    I have two hard drives one of which has XP Pro SP3 (first primary) and Vista (2nd primary partition). Using EasyBCD in Vista to boot between the two O/Ss. Want to replace the drive with the two O/Ss with a larger hard drive. Will copy the partitions either using Partition Magic or Acronis Disk...
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    Using EasyBCD but need repair install on XP

    Using EasyBCD on a dual boot between Vista and XP. Want to do a repair install on XP but was wondering what the best way is to allow me to be able to boot back into Vista after the repair install is complete on XP.
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    Easy BCD in dual boot

    Recently I installed Vista on a XP machine. I was able to get both os to boot properly by using EasyBCD in Vista. However after I select XP from its menu I still see the old Vista bootloader menu which is fine, however there are entries on that list for o/s that are invalid and I would like to...
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    Fooshlisly restored old vista bootloader now wont boot

    I had reinstall XP because the primary partition was moved to a new SATA hard drive from an ATA one and XP required the SATA drive to be installed for it to boot. Well I got XP back up and running but foolishly used EasyBCD to restore the bootloader and now neithe XP nor Vista will boot. I did...