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    Disk crash

    Hello Have the following problem and seeking a solution: Have a system containing three disks and one of these has crashed. Unfortunately this is (*was*) the boot disk for the system and contained an old XP installation. About a year ago I installed two new disks and installed server 2008R2 on...
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    Advice needed

    My daughter has a laptop shipped with Win Vista. She has installed Ubuntu herself on this machine and it dualboots with Ubuntu as default. The disk was shipped with just one partition so I guess Ubuntu "took" some of the free space when it was installed. I'm going to help her upgrade Vista to...
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    Two OS win7 and XP on two disks - no dual boot

    Installed win 7 on a clean disk this weekend but ended up with two independent OSs on two disks. Both OS run perfectly but the only way to get them to run is by changing boot disk priority in the BIOS setup. Have done a similar setup on a different computer involving Server 2003 and Server...