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    Remove win 7 from dual boot with win xp on different disks

    Hello, I am currently booting Win xp and Win 7 from two drives ("C" and "F"). The System boots from the "F" drive (according to the BCD). In another post in this Forum I noted that I was trying to copy my Win xp as a virtual machine to a new computer, but since the boot information is actually...
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    Strange Issue

    Hello, I know this may seem strange, but bear with me. On my present Main Computer I am dual booting XP and Win 7 and the BCD is on the Win 7 drive. I have just bought a new computer which is running Win 10 so I would like to run my existing XP as a virtual machine. To that end I have copied my...
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    Win XP Boot issue

    Thanks Terry Thanks for your help. It turned out it was an XP service that somehow wanted to start even though it was for an Intel system and mine is AMD. Once I renamed the driver file so it couldn't start I was in. However I would note that I found my WinXP SP3 updated install disk and...
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    Win XP Boot issue

    Hi, This could be a long story, but I'll cut to the chase... I have a dual boot Win 7 on C:. Win XP on D:, both first partitions on two separate drives. I have Win 7 working fine, but there is an issue with XP. According to the info I read here I have everything set up OK for the dual boot...