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    Remove win 7 from dual boot with win xp on different disks

    Hello, I am currently booting Win xp and Win 7 from two drives ("C" and "F"). The System boots from the "F" drive (according to the BCD). In another post in this Forum I noted that I was trying to copy my Win xp as a virtual machine to a new computer, but since the boot information is actually...
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    Strange Issue

    Hello, I know this may seem strange, but bear with me. On my present Main Computer I am dual booting XP and Win 7 and the BCD is on the Win 7 drive. I have just bought a new computer which is running Win 10 so I would like to run my existing XP as a virtual machine. To that end I have copied my...
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    Win XP Boot issue

    Hi, This could be a long story, but I'll cut to the chase... I have a dual boot Win 7 on C:. Win XP on D:, both first partitions on two separate drives. I have Win 7 working fine, but there is an issue with XP. According to the info I read here I have everything set up OK for the dual boot...