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    WinXP Win7 dual-boot not happening

    .. did as you specified and it now works (but I don't understand why). The CorelDraw4 partition was assigned to E:, but EasyBCD shows XP on drive E: The auto-configure looses the default OS setting.
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    WinXP Win7 dual-boot not happening

    .. trying to get customers Toshiba Satellite L500 to dual-boot XP Pro and 7 HomeP. Initially used XP to create partitions and install XPPro, then installed 7Home. Used EasyBCD 1.72 to create boot menu with XP default. It worked fine (for a while). I tried several boots into XP and 7H with no...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hi from BC Canada .. I fix PC systems problems for a living, but a customer brings in a new Toshiba notebook with Windows 7 Home on it and pleading for me to get his old CorelDraw4 to run on it. CD4 won't install on Win7 and is a 16-bit app, so I had to create a 2GB partition, and a couple 250...