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  1. anothercalifornian

    Server 2012?

    I find it hard to get the straight facts on using BCD in Server 2012 when I start searching for info. Does easy EasyBCD support it? I tried to load the system's setting from 2.1.2 and it does not seem to find anything. I can dos box type the content - so it seems its there, but when exiting...
  2. anothercalifornian

    Boot Server 2012 with OEM Windows 8 (sort of)

    I am having fun with EasyBCD at work and trying to tame XP with Seven. And if that's not enough fun then... Now that I have a new 16GB i7 screaming MSI laptop with Win 7 Home (arghh) I plan to get my Microsoft Partner DVD's out and over-write it. Mainly I cannot use the OEM set to restore it...