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    Have we any 'sample' menu.lst files for higher than XP?

    Thanks for saving me from spending (more) time on trying to do it this way, and only winding-up with :oops: an 'endless loop'! There must be some way of doing what I want, but thanks to your explanation, it won't be this way, and now I can see why.. So ... it's back to the drawing board ... :D
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    Have we any 'sample' menu.lst files for higher than XP?

    :) Thanks for the fast reply! Perhaps I should explain the source of my confusion, and that is, the 'Sample Multi-Entry NeoGrub File', as posted here on the site, does contain a reference to the installed MS Windows operating system. Please see the section that follows the bold-faced 'title...
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    Have we any 'sample' menu.lst files for higher than XP?

    I'm using neogrub for a triple boot with Windows 2000 Pro, Windows 7 and Linux Mint 17. I'm searching for an example file-format to follow, but I'm not sure if what I see on this site is applicable to my OS version. I'm seeing examples, tutorials, on this site and elsewhere -- for Windows XP...
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    Is it possible for neoGRUB to continue booting certain distros after a kernel update?

    I'm still curious about this point, even if I do wind up using just the automatic easyBCD boot method, without neoGRUB. Any ideas?
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    Need help with correcting menu.lst commands for booting LinuxMint15 with neoGrub

    Yes, that was some time ago. If you look at the first quote in this post, that was the problem I was hoping to address with neoGRUB. Or, I could re-do my partitions, but I thought there would be less risk of something going wrong during that process, if I could use the partitions where they...
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    linuxmint installation alonside windows7 with dual boot

    Do the easyBCD examples assume the user has placed 'boot' and 'root' together? Sorry for the necropost -- but it's a very general question and so anyone may reply. Can anyone say if the above example assumes 'boot' and 'root' (/) are using the same directory? As well, do the other scripts and...
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    Is it possible for neoGRUB to continue booting certain distros after a kernel update?

    This is from the Archlinux documentation on using neoGRUB with that distro, and then, using it with with Ubuntu (or similar): I think, this was written some time ago. ? Has there been any update, or work-around devised, so that neoGRUB will continue to work for booting distros that add the...
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    easy bcd or windows cd wont boot

    Just checking the unanswered posts, while hoping for an answer to mine! :-) But, why? :S That's not how you you install it. It's an MS Windows executable file. Put a meter across your BIOS coin cell. A dead cell is more likely than a mechanical failure of your optical drive. But, will your...
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    Dual-boot w/Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Can't Find Kernel)

    Here's hoping someone will return the 'karma' -- on my question about menu.lst! :-) Repeat using GRUB1, and see what happens. This may have been fixed, but some time ago there was advice that, under certain circumstances -- why, I have no idea -- some had success doing this, even though...
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    Can't boot to OS X disk

    Here's hoping someone helps me, too!! I'm not a moderator, or even an OS X-user, just another easyBCD forum member, 'lurking' around the support forum, waiting until someone is kind enough to help me with my own problem ! :brows: Keeping that in mind, have you seen this -- and would it help...
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    Help me - My pc has crashed

    :huh: But ... easyBCD is not a BIOS password resetting utility ... have you tried this?
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    Need help with correcting menu.lst commands for booting LinuxMint15 with neoGrub

    Additional information below, that should have been included in the original post Information on partition types has been added by editing the quote from my first post ... I just discovered, the BBS system is no longer accepting edits to the original. I'm using neoGrub and a script because I'm...
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    Need help with correcting menu.lst commands for booting LinuxMint15 with neoGrub

    Current menu.lst reads as follows: # NeoSmart NeoGrub Bootloader Configuration File # # This is the NeoGrub configuration file, and should be located at C:\NST\menu.lst # Please see the EasyBCD Documentation for information on how to create/modify entries: # EasyBCD #find --set-root /NTLDR...
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    Nonfunctional LinuxMint12/Lisa boot menu selection

    [RESOLVED] Nonfunctional LinuxMint12/Lisa boot menu selection In the end, the solution was easy! Don't follow the directions.:p Yes, LinuxMint 12 uses GRUB2, but after seeing another user's success with a work-around, I decided to try doing the same. Select instead Legacy GRUB, then use the...
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    Problems with Dual-Boot Win 7 / Fedora -- Get GRUB Command Line

    :point:I'll second that! It works with LinuxMint12, also. After puzzling over why Mint wouldn't boot, why I needed a hardware reset each time I tried to run Mint, trying the latest EasyBCD beta, reinstalling Mint, etc., I saw this post -- and it worked perfectly. At long last, the grub menu...
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    Nonfunctional LinuxMint12/Lisa boot menu selection

    LBA/Large Mode motherboard specs Excellent idea! I never would have thought of that. I pulled the motherboard's manual to check on its specs. It's an ASROCK 4 Core Dual-VSTA. Any comments, please post. One interesting point in the manual's entry: it says LBA should be disabled for UNIX --...
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    Nonfunctional LinuxMint12/Lisa boot menu selection

    One more thing ... Thanks, Computer Guru and spamless -- I'll go ahead with build 177. Only one 'loose end' remains in this thread, and that is: ? I am wondering about the reason for this question. You'll note my LinuxMint partitions are, in fact, very far away from the start of the drive...
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    Dual boot guide for LinuxMint?

    How about a distro-specific guide for dual-booting with LinuxMint? Here's one that's about a year old -- can't find anything more recent. Could someone take a look at it and see if the directions are still applicable to the more recent EasyBCD betas, that we're encouraged to use? If it passes...
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    Benefit of installing NeoGrub vs using what's already there?

    :joy:Great! Then, it's back to the drawing board, to get EasyBCD to create a working menu entry, if at all possible. I was about to do it the 'old fashioned' way but you've given me a valid reason it'll be worthwhile to trouble-shoot the present problem, having created a non-functional...
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    Nonfunctional LinuxMint12/Lisa boot menu selection

    Sorry, Computer Guru, the 'PM' was accidentally sent to your E-mail, because I clicked on the wrong icon! >.< Since spamless is now in the thread, following your advice (try the betas) I hope he will post his success with build 175. LinuxMint is essentially a reworked Ubuntu, so it's likely...