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Thread: Run EasyBCD from Windows 7 or XP?

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    Default Run EasyBCD from Windows 7 or XP?

    The instructions I have seen for EasyBCD say to run EasyBCD from XP. But I am guessing that this is because Windows 7 was installed first and then XP.

    I did just that but had a problem running EasyBCD on XP so I fixed my Windows 7 Boot so I can get to my email so I can register for this forum.

    Now just Windows 7 boots but XP is still installed. Can I run EasyBCD from Windows 7?

    Or how can I get XP to boot again withing reinstalling it?


    Got it working from Windows 7!
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    Yep. There's no problem

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    I am so installed Windows 7 first on C and then XP on D. My PC start only XP. I am instaled EasyBCD on XP and in Bootloader Setup write MBR /instal the Windows Vista/7 boot-loader to the MBR - this is OK, but in Add New entru option Windows NT/XP?2003 dont. Message:"BCD Execution Error: An error occured while attemting the specified create operation.System could not allocate the required space in a registry log." My PC now start only with Win7, I can`t start XP.
    Did you have answer?

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