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    Hi. I am trying to understand my two bootmenus. I have two entries in EasyBCD: one for Windows 7 (default OS), one for Fedora 16. So If I select Fedora 16, I get another boot menu, that lists all the available kernels of Fedora and also Windows, including Recovery. My question is: Is this second menu produced by Fedora or by Windows? How can I edit it? Nowhere in Fedora grub2 or boot files do I see those entries, including the text and background color. Thank you in advance.

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    The second one is from Linux.
    change timeout to 0 and it will be suppressed.
    Grub 2 Basics - Ubuntu Forums

    note that you shouldn't edit grub.cfg directly if you want the change to persist.
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    Thank you, Terry60. That answers my question.

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