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Thread: Windows 7 recovery disk help

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    Default Windows 7 recovery disk help

    Hi Guys

    I am a little stuck when it comes to burning the files I have bought to a disk as an ISO, I have followed the instructions given however the files I received do not contain an ISO but the following - Sources and BOOT (2 folders) WELCOME (an exe) TITLE.txt, BOOTMGR and Autorun.inf

    I have tried to burn these to disk but am unable to as Imgburn won't allow Me to.

    Can anyone please help me?

    PS I am trying to burn this disc on a windows XP SP3 machine as I am unable to access my W7 machine at the moment.

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    The downloaded file is an ISO.
    Sometimes, users have allowed some 3rd party app (like WinRAR) to grab the .ISO file association, and in conjunction with the idiotic MS default setting of not displaying known file types, have been deluded into thinking the download is a zipped package and have unzipped it.
    You must not process the download in any way.
    Just set folder options like this and you should see the download as an iso. Just burn it whole and untouched.
    If you cannot access the native W7 ISO burner, use Imgburn. It's free and it works.

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