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Thread: DEP Disabling doesn't work on windows 7??

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    Default DEP Disabling doesn't work on windows 7??

    Hi, so basically, I decided to disable my DEP (Data Execution Prevention) on my windows 7 OS yesterday. And while by no means am I a computer expert or anything of the sort, I knew what I was doing and I had opened up the CMD.exe on elevated privileges. When I typed in the command (bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff) it had said that "An error occured while attemptin to reference the specified entry. The system cannot find the file specified." Also, I have tried the method for setting DEP for specific programs, which works for every program except the one that I'm trying to turn it off for. So the only option I have at this point is to disable the DEP overall. Does anyone know why the command doesnt work for me? D:
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    Have you tried
    bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOff ?
    ("current" defaults)

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    Yeah, It shows the same error. Is there any other method to turning DEP off??

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